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PearDeck is a powerful tool that transforms traditional lessons into interactive experiences. If you’re a student ready to participate in a PearDeck session, here’s everything you need to know.

What is PearDeck?

PearDeck is an add-on for popular presentation tools like Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Your teacher uses PearDeck to add interactive questions, drawing activities, polls, and more directly into their presentations. This makes learning more engaging and fun!

How to Join a PearDeck Session

There are two main ways to join a PearDeck session:

With a Join Code

  • Step 1: Go to joinpd.com Open up your web browser and go to https://app.peardeck.com/join.

  • Step 2: Enter the Code Your teacher will provide you with a unique 5-character code. Enter this code carefully in the box on the website.

  • Step 3: Sign In (If Required) Your teacher may ask you to sign in with your Google or Microsoft school account. This helps them track your responses and participation.

With a Direct Link

In some cases, your teacher might provide a direct link to the PearDeck session. Click the link and follow any sign-in instructions.

How to Join a PearDeck Lesson as a student?

  1. Get the Code: Your teacher will give you a special code with letters and numbers (it’ll look something like this: XYZBT).
  2. Go to joinpd.com: Open a web browser on your computer, tablet, or phone and go to joinpd.com.
  3. Type in the Code: Carefully enter the code your teacher gave you into the box.
  4. Sign In (If Needed): Sometimes your teacher will ask you to sign in with your school email.

How to Join a PearDeck Lesson as a teacher?

  1. Create Your Lesson: Use Google Slides or PowerPoint to make your presentation. Add PearDeck’s interactive questions and activities directly into your slides.
  2. Open the PearDeck add-on:
    • Google Slides: In your presentation, find the PearDeck add-on and open it.
    • PowerPoint: Locate the PearDeck add-in and open it.
  3. Click “Start Lesson”: In the PearDeck sidebar, press the green “Start Lesson” button.
  4. Choose Your Mode:
    • Instructor-Paced: You control the pace, everyone sees the same slide.
    • Student-Paced: Students work through the lesson on their own time.
  5. Share the Join Code: A unique code (like ABCDE) will appear on your screen. Give this code to your students so they can join.

Remember: Students will need to go to joinpd.com and type in your code to participate.

What PearDeck Does

  • Makes Lessons Interactive: PearDeck helps you add these fun things to your lessons:
    • Questions students answer right on their screens
    • Drawing activities for creative responses
    • Quick polls to get everyone’s opinion
  • Gives You Feedback: PearDeck shows you student answers while you’re teaching. This helps you see if everyone understands or if you need to explain something again.
  • Works Inside Your Presentations: You don’t have to learn a new program! PearDeck works directly within Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Features for Teachers:

  • Pre-made Templates:Get a head start with ready-to-use slide templates that include questions and activities.
  • Student-Paced Mode:Lets students work through lessons on their own time, even outside of class.
  • PearDeck Insights:See detailed reports about how students answered and participated.

Features for Students:

  • Express Yourself:Answer questions in different ways – with typing, drawing, multiple choice, and more.
  • Stay Focused:Options to lock student screens help keep everyone on task.
  • Fun Learning:PearDeck makes lessons way more engaging!

PearDeck’s Pricing

  • Free (Basic): This is a great way to try out PearDeck! Includes basic interactive question types and the ability to run presentations live with your students.
  • Individual Premium ($149.99 per year): This is for individual teachers. It unlocks all of PearDeck’s features:
    • More question types (drawing, drag and drop, etc.)
    • Ability to save student responses and see detailed reports
    • Library of pre-made PearDeck lessons
  • Schools & Districts (Custom Pricing): This option is for whole schools or districts wanting to use PearDeck. Contact PearDeck directly for a price quote based on your specific needs.

Where to find more details: You can see a full comparison of features and get the latest pricing info on PearDeck’s website: https://www.peardeck.com/pricing

Important Things to Remember

  • Use a compatible device: You can join PearDeck sessions from a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Internet connection: You’ll need a stable internet connection for PearDeck to work smoothly.

  • Student-paced mode: Sometimes, your teacher might make a PearDeck available in “Student-Paced” mode. This means you can complete the lesson on your own time, even outside of class.

Once you’ve joined, your teacher will guide you through their interactive PearDeck presentation. Be prepared to answer questions, draw on slides, participate in polls, and have a more active learning experience.

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