About us

We’re passionate about making learning awesome! Our website offers Join Peardeck (How-to) that work seamlessly with PearDeck to enhance your classroom experience.

Ready to level-up your PearDeck lessons? Our website is designed to:

  • Provide projects and activities directly linked to PearDeck slides
  • Offer tools to analyze PearDeck student responses
  • Let teachers easily share supplemental material with their PearDeck lessons

We’re committed to student privacy and creating a powerful learning experience alongside PearDeck.

Our Story

We’re a team of educators and tech enthusiasts who believe learning should be engaging and effective. Frustrated by the lack of How to Join Peardeck as a Students or Teachers, we built this website to offer resources and tools that supercharge PearDeck for teachers and students.

What We Offer

  • How to join Pear Deck and Related Questions Answere
  • A focus on student privacy and seamless integration with the PearDeck platform.


  • Be Specific: Don’t just say “tools for PearDeck,” explain what kind of tools!
  • Student or Teacher Focus: Is your site primarily for students to use or to help teachers? Tailor the language accordingly.
  • Image: If possible, include a friendly photo of your team or a simple graphic representing your site.