Privacy Policy

This website offers features that connect with the PearDeck platform. We care deeply about student privacy and this policy explains how we collect and use student information in this context.

Data We Collect

  • From Students: If students create accounts on our site, we might collect:
    • Name or Username
    • Email address (if required)
    • Content created on our site related to PearDeck lessons (e.g., project submissions, responses)
  • From PearDeck: When a student uses features connected to PearDeck, we may receive limited data from PearDeck, including:
    • Answers to PearDeck questions
    • Engagement with interactive slides

How We Use the Data

  • Core Features: To make our features that work with PearDeck function properly.
  • Teacher Access: If your teacher uses our site, they may see your work to assess and provide feedback.
  • Improvements: We analyze data (without personally identifying students) to make our service better.
  • Safety and Security: Protecting our users and keeping the site running smoothly.

What We DON’T Do

  • Sell Student Data: We never sell student information for advertising or marketing
  • Unrelated Sharing: We don’t share student data with other companies unless absolutely necessary to make our PearDeck features work.

Your Choices

  • Account Settings: You may be able to adjust some privacy settings within your account (if applicable).
  • School/Teacher Control: Your school or teacher may have additional control over what information is shared in PearDeck or with our site.


We’ll update this policy if needed and notify you of major changes.

Contact Us

Any questions? Reach us at [email protected]


  • Tailor This: Every site is different! Replace the placeholders and adjust the specific types of data and features based on how your integration operates.
  • COPPA: If you primarily serve children under 13 in the US, you need to comply with the COPPA law and have even stricter privacy practices.
  • Seek Legal Counsel: Always have a lawyer review your privacy policy to ensure it complies with all relevant laws and accurately reflects your practices.